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Affiliate Marketing is so ‘easy’, it’s hard to learn.

Luckily, there are many online resources to start, make your first dollar and become proficient – most of them free.

Just subscribe to these 3 YouTube channels:

Santrel Media

Nate has done a great job creating full video tutorials for step-by-step guides to get beginners started on their journey.

They are long and detailed.

What really stands out is that he’s not trying to sell you any courses and he just wants to help others get started without spending thousands of dollars.

Chad Bartlett

Besides the well put together tutorial videos, what attracted me is his 48hr or x-day challenges where he tries to create sales with brand new websites or channels.

The purpose is to show the inner skeptics that while it may not seem as easy as others have shared, it’s definitely doable and achievable.

He has a few courses he sells and is quite clever to built his entire eco system and courses around Builderall, an all-in-one marketing tool. Which he gets affiliate commissions from his students and his students’ affiliates too. Talk about preaching what you teach!

Do note, some of his materials will cease to be available once you stop your subscription at Builderall.

Make Money with Stacy La

Stacy is clear and detailed with her tutorial videos and is generous with giving out free templates for emails and useful materials.

She’s been doing this for years and updates her videos from time to time. Ensuring the tutorials are always up to date with new software and improved techniques.

There’s really no lack of ‘gurus’ giving our valuable information. So evaluate them with your gut feel. After watching a handful of them, the general methods are very similar. But the secret sauce is in the details and support groups.

Having a good community that supports you can make a big difference to how well you do or not.