Photographer: Brett Jordan | Source: Unsplash


 There are many reasons side hustles fail. But the top three are lack of focus, unrealistic expectations, and not having a clear plan.

1. Lack of Focus

Without proper focus on the most important priorities, can easily drift off course and cause the downfall of a side hustle.

When you’re trying to do too many things at once, you spread yourself too thin and end up not being able to give your full attention to any of them. We must give proper attention to the activities that make the most impact; like traffic or content creation rather than spending hours picking which theme or design to use.

Try time boxing your tasks and not overspend the allocated time working on them. You can always come back later to change them.

2. Unrealistic expectations

Setting proper expectations will allow you to manage your side hustles from failing.

If you’re not realistic about the amount of time and effort required to work on the side hustle, burn out can surface very early on. Good work may take weeks or months of hustling before you see the results you desire.

Results are not always as fast or simple as the Gurus promised, Managing expectations early will help you from quitting too soon.

3. Not having a clear plan

By taking time to work out a clear plan before you execute, that’s half the battle won.

Without a plan, it is difficult to set goals and track progress. You spend too much time not completely certain what to do next.

Yes, plans change. If done correctly, they evolve towards your ultimate goal, adapting to the situations and challenges you face.

A clear, adaptable plan with a manageable timeline, will help keep you on track even if you fall off the wagon. Because life happens.

Work on the 3 points above and your side hustles will be on the path towards success!

Good luck!