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30 days ago, we decided to embark on writing another round of atomic essays for Ship 30 for 30.

This time around, we focused on building content for our new website – about the everyday person experimenting with side hustles to have a satisfying life.


I had forgotten some of the useful tips from the first round of digital writing and had to relearn them again. This was a great refresher. I got to learn more about my writing style.

The one thing I realised:

My writing approach – less is more… and I trim words.. a lot. So much that my accountability partner had to help put back words for it to flow and make better sense. I’m really grateful that she saves me from leaving behind an embarrassing line of atomic essays.

The one thing I learnt:

My fastest AE was written and published within 50 mins, came up with the outline while traveling home and hit the keyboard to flesh it all out when I got home.
Lesson: work on the outlines during ‘off writing’ times and fully focus on writing later.


Building a daily writing habit is not an easy feat. After publishing for ship30for30 in my first cohort, I’ve tried to continue writing consistently (after a hiatus). So I did – I published a grand total of 6 essays within 4 months.

The one thing I realised:

Sometimes it takes more than just determination to get something done. In ship30for30, constraints are built into the system so that it helps us turn writing into smaller tasks and hit publish more consistently (i.e. write 300-word essays in 1-hour for 30 days).

The one thing I learnt:

I tend to “run out of ideas” to write about. To counter that issue, I try to externalise my ideas from reading and exploring my many interests – share what you’ve learnt with your audience. It is beneficial not only for yourself but for your readers too.

Thank you for reading and commenting on our articles, you have no idea how much it means to us!

For those who didn’t complete all 30 atomic essays, it’s ok. This is part of the journey.

To all writers, writers-to-be out there, content creators, publish your thoughts.. because you have something only you can share and the world can benefit from you.

We wish everyone at #ship30for30 2022 August cohort the best in your writing journey. Keep publishing!