About Us

Hey there, we are Beth and T!

We are a couple of young individuals who want to hustle on top of our day jobs in hopes to outrun the rat race. With no special talents, we find various hustling ideas to work on. Join us on our journey where we find, learn and try out various side hustles.


works a regular day job that she finds boringly stressful (she can explain).

She knew she wanted to get out of the rat race yet she’s not particularly skilled in something specific.

When she’s not trying to make her dreams come true, you can find her on a yoga mat stretching her limbs out, hunting down the best chocolates in the city, or catching light in her camera.

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Tetsuji H Bright

works for a company for many years and while “retirement ” is still decades away.. he has been pondering on what will he be doing in his retirement age.

What kind of life and what will fill his hours each day, can they bring joy?

Help sustain a lifestyle he and family wants to enjoy while contributing to the world..  even if it’s just that handful of people?

Like saving for our old age, its best done yesterday, why cant we start planning our retirement “career” something to keep our minds and body active, bring joy and worthy to those around us.

That’s how this journey came about.